Sunday, September 19, 2010


So all that work did accomplish something! I am finally in France, it's amazing.

Here is my journey so far:
Left my mom and sister in New York after a few days of last minute bonding time.
Meet a bunch of people from all over America (literally from Hawaii to Maine).
Flew from New York to Paris. (Had a very nice flight too, watched Avatar and tried to sleep)
Got to the hostel.
Meet people from all over the world (but mostly Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Poland).
Got on a bus headed for a train. (Meeting more people from Italy and the Philipines)
Took a train to my host sister (and the rest of the AFS chapter). Then we had a picnic.
Drove to my new home.

And since then I have gone to school, had volleyball, went shopping, and out with my host sister and new friends. OH and I've had some of the best food ever! (and some of the worst...)

But I'm going to keep trying new things, learning as much french as possible, making friends, seeing France, playing volleyball, and most importantly EATING!

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