Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi, I'm Abi. I play volleyball and softball. I love to swim, snowboard (just started yesterday), hang with friends, cook, and read in my free time.

I want to go abroad with AFS because my sister was an AFSer to Paraguay when she was my age. Her experience with AFS was one of the best times in her life and I would love to have that experience. I have always known I wanted to be an exchange student so AFS was my first choice.

I really want to gain a better knowledge of other people and I want to get to know myself for who I truly am. I hope to give the people I am living or going to school with a more realistic idea of how some Americans feel about the rest of the world.

My family and friends are all excited for me to get this opportunity. It is not something that comes up everyday and they want me to have a great experience while I'm away. My mother, of course, doesn't want me to leave her, but it must be done.

To become an AFSer the major barrier I have to overcome is the cost to go. I love going to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. So besides the language barrier, which I am working hard to shorten, I think I will thrive at my new home.

So far I have completely finished my AFS application, set up my school schedule for when I return, talked to my counselor about my credits, got my passport, and had my interview. All I need to do now, from what I understand, is to get my host family, buy a ticket and get myself out to DC or NYC to get on a plane to Paris, France.

Since I just completed my application I have not started fundraising yet but I did qualify for a partial scholarship from AFS Global Leaders. I need to raise about $9,050. It's a lot, I know. But I figure I'll just chip away at it piece by piece.

You can help, any donation - even $10 - makes a difference. If you just can't give money then help me spread the word about my blog. Please forward it to any or all of your friends. And feel free to add me on facebook.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog and have a great day.

Au revoir!!

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