Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow's Melting

The sun's out, the snow's melting, water levels are rising, birds are chirping. If you haven't noticed, spring's coming!
Today's my first softball practice and I'll be in it until the end of the school year.
Yesterday I went to an AFS meeting and realized that in less than six months that will be me!! (Hopefully)I still have yet to be excepted,yet. Right now France is reveiwing my application and should let me know pretty soon. But I probably won't know who my family will be until the summer.
Speaking of summer, I'm going to be a lifeguard again, and now I'm going to be a WSI, water safety instructor. I love teaching teaching children so it should be fun.
School is going, French classes are good. I like my teacher and I like being able to "carry on" a conversation in Frenglish. (French and English)I'm working on it a lot and my teacher says I'm going well.
So ya, nothing too exciting I just thought I'd keep you updated.

à bientôt!

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